Rush 2008

Geoff Emmer Here at Psi Upsilon we pride ourselves on not sticking to the norm. We're a group of diverse individuals looking for more of the same. We are a co-ed social fraternity, the only one on campus, so we welcome all interested tech students, male or female.

A few things that we can promise you off the bat:

1) We do not, nor have we ever, hazed our pledges.
2) We will treat all rushees with the attention that they deserve.
3) If you show up to Rush, you will get free food.

At Psi Upsilon, we pride ourselves in having individual standards, not standard individuals

Psi Upsilon

The Psi Upsilon House Since December, 1970, we have been terrorizing the Georgia Tech campus with far too little regard for our own personal safety, but, in so doing, we've managed to set the foundations for some fanastic traditions:

Throwing computer monitors off the roof
Staying up for 48 hours straight for our tri-annual LAN parties
Flaming balls of socks
impromptu jam sessions
participating in martial arts programs
knowing more about networking than OIT
kicking ass at foosball
and many more...

We are a group of individuals, with the common goal of making college a litle less boring. So if you've got some free time, and you want to eat our food, come on by this Rush, and say hi.

Mountain Dew

One of the main projects we've been working on this rush: a metric ton of mountain dew.

The budding collection of dew

This is the collection so far. 56 2 liter bottles of mountain dew. This represents roughly 1/10th of what we'll have come Aug 15th. We'll use this post to show the progress of the wall of Dew.